Carlos DeOliveira Bodybuilder Age Biography (caikepro)

Hey people, this whole article is going to talk about a male fitness freak who is known for his muscular and toned body. This bodybuilder is known on all famous social media platforms like Instagram and YouTube for his hard work and dedication to wards bodybuilding and fitness. So let’s start firstly reading about his early life.

Carlos DeOliveira
Carlos DeOliveira

Biography of Carlos DeOliveira

Carlos DeOliveira is a famous professional athlete and IFBB Pro bodybuilder known for his muscular body not only in the fitness industry but also on social media platforms like Instagram and YouTube. Carlos DeOliveira was born in the year 1994 in Brazil.

Carlos DeOliveira’s family background totally relates to bodybuilding like his brother and sister uploads posts of gym workouts with him on Instagram. Carlos DeOliveira has won many professional bodybuilding titles in USA-like countries, but his professional journey has started from Brazil only. If we talk about the early life of Carlos DeOliveira, he was passionate about fitness and bodybuilding from a young age. He used to work when he was very young, and he was very active about fitness when he was in school and when he joined college Carlos used to do gym workout

Carlos DeOliveira
Carlos DeOliveira

Social Media of Carlos DeOliveira

Carlos DeOliveira is not only known celebrity among bodybuilders of fitness industry, he is also a famous social media celebrity. Carlos DeOliveira has about 864k followers on his Instagram account. Caikepro has around 133k subscribers on his YouTube channel “Caike Pro”.

Carlos DeOliveira
Carlos DeOliveira

Physical Measurements of Carlos DeOliveira

Carlos DeOliveira has a muscular and athletic body structure, he has not only competed in the bodybuilding competitions, he has also competed in professional athletic competitions.
Carlos DeOliveira’s height is around 5 feet 10 inches and weight remain around 220lbs which is around 100kg. His biceps size is around 20 inches.

Carlos DeOliveira height is that much which suits to his muscular body structure. Carlos DeOliveira bodybuilder is that type of bodybuilder who has never left his gym weights even in Covid days, he continued his workout journey in his home.

Carlos DeOliveira
Carlos DeOliveira
NameCarlos DeOliveira  
ProfessionIFBB Pro bodybuilder and athlete  
NationalityBrazil (Currently living in USA)  
Year of birth1994 (birthdate is not revealed)  
Age as of 202429  
Height5 feet 10 inches  
WeightAround 100kg  
GirlfriendNot known  

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Workout Routine of Carlos DeOliveira

Carlos DeOliveira is very passionate about workouts, for example, he is passionate about fitness he never quit his workout in the COVID-19 days. Carlos works workout for about 6 days a week, including cardio and body stretching on Sundays. You can find various types of professional and simple workout sessions on his social media accounts like Instagram and YouTube.

Carlos DeOliveira
Carlos DeOliveira

Diet Plan of Carlos DeOliveira

Carlos DeOliveira is not only strict about his workout plan he also loves following his diet plan full of focus and dedication towards fitness and bodybuilding. Carlos DeOliveira eats many protein items like whey protein, meat eggs etc. Carlos DeOliveira also consumes some bodybuilding supplements to increase performance in the bodybuilding profession. In spite of these, he also consumes some cheat meals like pizza and burgers in his diet on his off-season to enjoy his journey.

Net-worth of Carlos DeOliveira

Carlos DeOliveira has lots of earning sources like sponsoring, social media, selling workout and diet plans and bodybuilding. His annual net worth is about 1 million US Dollars according to the data available on the Internet.

FAQ :-

Who is Carlos DeOliveira?

Carlos DeOliveira is a professional IFBB bodybuilder and professional ex-athlete

What is nationality of Carlos DeOliveira?

Carlos DeOliveira was born in Brazil and is currently living in the USA

What is Carlos DeOliveira’s height?

Carlos DeOliveira’s height is about 5 feet 10 inches

Is Carlos DeOliveira a bodybuilder?

Yes, Carlos DeOliveira is a professional bodybuilder and he was also an athlete in his college days

What is the net worth of Carlos DeOliveira?

Carlos DeOliveira’s net worth is about 1 million US Dollars and his primary source of income is bodybuilding, YouTube adsense and sponsoring fitness brands

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