Diogo Montenegro Bodybuilder Age Biography

Diogo Montenegro is a well-known name in the field of bodybuilding .in this journey we are going to go through the key points and points to learn from Diogo. He is an IFBB pro-Athlete .he belongs from Brazil and currently running a company. in the early days, Diogo was not much inclined towards Bodybuilder .he started gym for fitness and love to hit hard exercise in workout .when he saw some confidence in work out and result in his physique, he started getting serious about diet plans and workout routine and after there is a  list of achievements he has owned .he has height of 5.7 feet’s(170 cm ) and weight of  88 kgs(195 lbs.) approx. he is of Brazilian ethnicity

Diogo Montenegro
Diogo Montenegro
Briefs About Diogo
First NameDiogo
Last NameMontenegro
Date of BirthJanuary 28th , 1991
First Contest and RankExpo Nutrition/ 1st rank 
Year of the first Contest2012
Most recent Contest and rankMr. Olympia, IFBB Men’s Physique/3rd place
Year of Recent Contest2018


Diogo Montenegro Workout :

  • He likes to lift weights and put pressure on his muscles .he tries as many reps as possible to train his muscles.
  • he performs lateral raises to train his lateral deltoid muscle. front deltoids and upper traps gets trained through this exercise. this exercise is helpful for training shoulder muscles and a wide chest.
  • Diogo performs Skull crusher repetitions for training his triceps muscle. the second name of this exercise is Lying triceps extensions.
  • his next favorite exercise is cable chest crossovers .as the name suggests it is useful for lower chest muscles. 
  • he also likes lifting heavy weights.

he constantly focuses on his workout. he doesn’t takes any help from music and all. he tries to get focused on his workout and tries to make it better every time.

Diogo Montenegro
Diogo Montenegro

Diogo Appearances in contests and Accomplishments:

  • His first contest of his life was in 2012, he participated in Expo Nutrition contest. At that time it was a his first roar in field of bodybuilding. He took first place in his debut contest.
  • In 2012, he also participated in the IFBB championship and became champion in that also.
  • In 2013, he participated in Brazil Arnold Classic and finished as runner-up. Scores were close and he showed his some glimpse to world for future.
  • In 2014, he again participated in Arnold Classic Brazil and this time he covered everything that required him to be the champion. He ranked 1st and showed everyone what he is made of.
  • In 2015, he ranked 1st in Prestige Crystal Cup.
  • In same year, he participated in Mr. Olympia IFBB men’s physique and got 16th place .that gave him a big shock. After that he started working hard further championships.
Diogo Montenegro
Diogo Montenegro

All championships and ranks of Diogo are mentioned below :

2012Expo Nutrition1st place
IFBB Champion1st place
2013Arnold Classic2nd place
2014Arnold Classic1st place
2015Prestige Crystal Cup1st place
2016Europa orlando Pro4rth place
Pittsburgh Pro8th place
Prestige Crystal Cup1st place
Tampa pro3rd place
Mr. Olympia16th place
2017Europa orlando1st place
Toronto Pro Supershow3rd place
Miami Muscle Beach Pro2nd place
Europa Dallas7th place
2018Europa Orlando1st place
California Night of champions2nd place
Mr. Olympia3rd place

Diogo Montenegro Bio:

when he first joined a gym , he only came for normal fitness and to maintain his physique . he started his fitness classes in his early teenage. after some time, he saw some fabulous results in his physique and started putting some serious time in Muscle building exercises. Firstly he was not having plans to grow in this field .as  he saw results in himself .his interest in bodybuilding get increased . he started lifting heavy weights to increase his muscle capacity. After 7 years of hard work put in workouts, he won his debut championship and never turned back. he created milestones year by year. he has currently started a Company and become an entrepreneur. his career accomplishments show his reputation in his life. he inspires many youths to complete their dreams in this field.

Diogo Montenegro
Diogo Montenegro
Diogo’s Social media and followers :

Diogo posts posing and workout-related posts on his social media like YouTube and Instagram. he also posts promotions for brands and good product recommendations to his followers . he has more than 568K followers on his Instagram account and around 4,479 posts. he shares most of the news on social media, about his championships, his life, and special events, he greets people on festivals or at any special moments through his posts. he keeps himself much active on social media. he is an entrepreneur and shares his products and updates information about these things on his social media .he also shares his lifestyle videos and posts .

Things to implement from life of Diogo Montenegro :

Diogo’s life is full of raw hard work and accomplishments. His life gives us a great learning that it doesn’t matter which field you choose, become the greatest in your field makes it matter . he focused only in his dream after choosing his field, no distraction and no excuses made his way simple and fast . some times its about how badly you want something and it reflects in your works and life .

also he gives a moral that never focus on much things in life .choose your field of interest and keep running on the path of greatness.

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