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Eddie Hall is a professional strongman from England. He has one of the greatest physiques in history. Eddie proves that anything could be possible if you will to do it. His life story doesn’t stick to a normal cycle. From being a gold medalist in swimming to record holder in weight lifting and becoming the strongman. This is the story of eddie hall for you. Here we share his life journey & Lifestyle including Eddie Hall’s age, height, weight, Girlfriend, etc.

Eddie hall early life

Eddie Hall was born in england, Britian. His hometown is Newcastle-under-Lyme, Staffordshire, England. He was born on 15 January 1988. Eddie lives a little taugh life in his childhood. He os very close to his Nan. Eddie’s childhood inspiration is Arnold Schwarzenegger. He always wanted to be like him.

Eddie hall Physical & personal stats

NameEddie hall
Weight142-197kg (313-434lbs)
Height190cm (6ft.3inch)
Date of birth15 January 1988 (34 years old)
Eye colorGreen
Hair colorBrown
ProfessionStrongman,youtuber,presenter, speecher etc.

The Olympic dream

As a child, Eddie started swimming alongside his brother for Newcastle staffs ASA. As time passes by eddie became obsessed with swimming and started developing a dream of becoming a Olympic champion. He even wins a gold medal at the age of 10 in national championship. Eddie also became the part of Gb swimming squad Olympic potential programme. His head coach arnold Faulkner had a very strong believe in eddie for becoming a future star in Olympic.

Eddie’s depression

Eddie Hall is very close to his Nan. He spent most of his time with her. Those were probably the best moments of his life. But the agony of his life. Everything suddenly took a harder turn as her Nan got cancer. This sudden sorrow put Eddie into depression and anxiety. He started drinking and drugs. He was prescribed to take Prozac’s ‘indefinitely’. Eddie dropped out his swimming and kicked out of his school.

Talking about his depression Eddie said, “He spent most of his time sitting alone dealing with anxiety. He even started thinking of killing himself.”

Starting of his journey & inspiration

Once at the age of 16 Eddie saw a poster of his childhood idol arnold Schwarzenegger. This reminds him of his dream. He decided to do something with his life. That’s where he actually started lifting. But sooner he realised that he would not going to Mr.Olymipa due to his body structure and height. He also find his real strength is lifting heavy weights. So he decided to switch his path to strongman. At 20 years of age his Nan passed away. On her death bed he made a promise to her to become a strongman one day. This gives a boost to his inspiration.

The first title & Love life

Eddie started working hard to achieve his dream. He even worked a truck mechanic and started his own security company to fulfil his needs. He spent most of his money on building his physique.

At the age of 22, Eddie met love of his life Alexandra. She also helps Eddie in his dream. Then finally in 2010 he won his first title to become the england strongest man. This gives him a lot of confidence and he started performing in other competitions. At 24 of age he married yo Alexandra and was blessed with 1 boy and 1 girl.

Becoming strongman

Eddie started competing in World strongman competition in 2012. During this period he breaks many record in weight lifting. He is about to make world record for deadlift 460kg but dropped the bar and was failed.

Then finally the day come when he travelled to Botswana, South africa to win WORLD STRONGMAN COMPETITION 2017. He dedicated his won to his beloved Nan. As we mentioned earlier he breaks many record in weight lifting.

Here a list of Eddie personal records :

In competitions :

  1. Log press : 213kg(470lbs)
    • Axle press : 216kg(476lbs)
    • Rogue Elephant bar deadlift : 465kg(1025 lbs)
    • Ironmind S-cubed bar deadlift : 472.5kg(1042lbs)
    • Viking press : 160kg(353 lbs)
    • Husafell stone : 186kg(410lbs) for 27.15 metre
  • Bate tote : 680kg(1499lbs)
  • Cross Fit Isabel : 60kg(132lbs)
  • Circus barbell squat : 317.5kg(700lbs)
  • Circus dumbell press : 100kg(220lbs)
  • Kegtoss : 6 Kegs( 18-22.5kg)
  • Atlas stone : 5 stone 200kg( 264-441lbs) in 23.81 seconds

In training :

  • Leg press : 1000kg(2205lbs)
    • Dumbell press : 60kg(132lbs)
      • Squat : 405kg(893lbs)
      • Bench press : 300kg(661lbs)
      • Incline bench press : 260kg(573lbs)
      • Incline dumbell press : 100kg(220lbs)

World records :

  • In 2015 462kg deadlift.
  • In 2016 impossible 500 Kg deadlift.

Eddie Hall competitions

World’s strongest man

2012 WSM MenQualified
2013 WSM MenQualified
2014 WSM Men 6th
2015 WSM Men4th
2016 WSM Men3rd
2017 WSM Men1st

Arnold strongman classic


Giants lives

2012 Australia4th
2013 Hungary2nd
2014 Hungary3rd
2017 World tour final10th

Europe’s strongest Man


Ultimate strongman world championship

2016 ultimate strongman 12th

Eddie Hall diet

To get this gigantic structure Eddie hall has to consume a very strict diet which contains upto 16000 calories a day. Revealing about strongman’s diet eddie say he eats, “beacon, sausage, boiled beans, tomatoes, eggs, fried bread, oats, fully fat milk, protein shakes, nuts, steak, pasta, vegetables, tuna fishes, avocados, beef, energy drink, apple, jerks, desert etc.

Strongman’s afterlife

After achieving his dream of winning strongman championship. Eddie says he had achieved almost everything now. So he decided to retire in 2018 to spend time with his family.

Eddie now works as presenter, speechers on WSM. He also played a small part in transformer 5 movie. He had also signed with his childhood idol arnold Schwarzenegger for arnold classic. Eddie was also stared in tv shows like Eddie eats america & the strongest man in history.

Eddie health condition and steroids usage

Eddie hall has a very special genetic mutation case that cause reduced body fat and increase in muscle mass.

Also the strongman competitions prohibit steroids usage so there is no chance of Eddie taking steroids. Because he has to go through several test.

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Eddie hall social media

From his hard work Eddie earned a lots of love and respect. Eddie has a youtube channel named Eddie hall the beast withover 2.18 million subscribers. On his channel Eddie shares vlogs, food challenge, training videos etc.

Eddie also has a strong fanbase on Instagram as well. He has 3.5 million followers over there. He do many brand promotion on Instagram with different franchise.

Eddie Hall comeback

Eddie retired back in 2018 from WSM. But he made a announcement to get out of his retirement. When he comes to know Great Britain is going against America for World strongest nation championship.

From Eddie hall story we learn that anything can be done with strong determination and right path. Eddie has taught us to overcome all our worries and how to start our lives from a new beginning.

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