Joshua Manoi bodybuilder Age Biography (joshuajblaize)

Hello Everyone! Today In this Article we’re going to cover the details of those amazing bodybuilders who belong to the Fitness Industry & achieved colossal popularity worldwide. Joshua Manoi is the topmost bodybuilder from Philadelphia. He’s been in the fitness industry past 5+ years. Here we share his life journey & Lifestyle including Joshua Manoi’s age, height, weight, Girlfriend, etc.

Joshua Manoi Biography

Joshua Manoi is a professional bodybuilder, and Fitness Coach who was born in Philadelphia and raised in Palm Coast, Florida. He has a fantastic physique compared to other bodybuilders. In his school times, he was quite interested in writing songs. If talks about his personal life, He hasn’t revealed any information about his family or friends. To know about his fitness journey read the full article.

NameJoshua Manoi
ProfessionBodybuilder Personal trainer
Year of birthJanuary 22, 1997
Age as of 202427
Weight 75kg – 85kg

Joshua Manoi Fitness Journey

Joshua came to Los Angeles to start his career journey. In the beginning he wasn’t had any idea about what is the right path for him to follow. Therefore, After joining the Gym he started building his physique and then started participating in competitions. He was doing amazing in fitness field. However, He always felt like something is missing.

He always looking for that piece of puzzle that make him complete. One day at Gym he was working, met a person name Choice Skinner. He showed him the path for acting career. The career he dreamed to accomplish, but due to his fear and underconfidence wasn’t able to achieve. Choice helped him as a acting coach and helped him to join fitness industry.

  • 2021 NPC USA Championships Men’s Classic Physique Class B 6th Place
  • 2021 NPC West Coast Classic Men’s Classic Physique Class B 2nd Place
  • 2016 NPC All South Championship Men’s Classic Physique Class B 3rd Place and NPC All South Championship Men’s Classic Physique Class B 2nd Place
  • 2016 NPC Daytona Beach Classic Men’s Physique Class B 1st place and NPC Daytona Beach Classic Men’s Classic Physique Novice 2nd Place
  • 2016 NPC Daytona Beach Classic Men’s Physique Teen 1st Place and NPC Daytona Beach Classic Men’s Physique Novice 1st Place

Joshua Manoi Physical Appearance

Joshua’s height is 5’8″ & Weight= 75kg – 85kg. The color of Joshua’s Eyes is Brown and his Hair color is Dark Brown.

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Joshua Manoi Social Media

Joshua is a famous fitness bodybuilder from Philadelphia who has started his own youtube channel and has more than 13.5k subscribers. Moreover, He is also known as an Actor who has worked with different companies. He shares fitness-related photos and videos on his Youtube Channel. Further, he has promoted brands like  @rawgear and @reignbodyfuel. Not only this, His hard work helped him to grow and attain huge popularity on Social Media. Therefore, He helps people to become better in fitness via his own Youtube videos. He has 183k followers on Instagram and 6.5k on Facebook.

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