Kristen nun Best Female Bodybuilder Age biography

in this article, we are going to talk about Kristen nun. She is a famous bodybuilder and fitness model from Kansas, U.S. Kristen started bodybuilding in the age of 17. She was interested in sports from her childhood. In her school days, she used to play football. from here her passion for bodybuilding started. her flexible body helped her much in taking first step towards this way.

later she adapted herself in this and now is known as the beast female bodybuilder and. Kristen hasn’t revealed much about her family but a few days back, she posted a pic on her Instagram handle with her mom for the first time

Kristen nun’s biography

Kristen nun was born on 4th may,1985 in Kansas city , U.S.. she completed her study in Kansas city and grew up there. In her childhood Kristen was interested in sports and she used to participate in sports events in her school. she was having flexible muscle type in her teenage. so she adapts herself in every sports she wanted . later she started gymming for fitness and started gaining interest in that. later she step on advance mode of that and started doing intense workouts when she saw some witness able changes in her body. she started following proper workout routines and diet and it took her to the best of her. she is now of 38 years of age. her height is 5.2 feet’s(158 cms) . she has a bulky body type. bulky arms that makes her noticeable.

Briefs About Kristen Nun
First nameKristen
Last nameNun
Age4th may , 1985
BirthplaceKansas City, U.S.
HometownKansas City, U.S.
Height5.2 feet’s(158 cms)
Marital statusUnmarried

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Kristen nun’s Social media and Instagram

Kristen stays much active on her social media handles. she has more than 542k followers on her instagram. her post are much about posing and workout . she also posts for brands and products for promotions. recently she posted with her Mom for the first time , writing a bio that “I love you Mom” . it was first time that she posted with her family member. she hasn’t revealed much about her family till now. she also posts about her recent competitions. she has recently started her YouTube channel and has more than 16k followers on that. her YouTube channel is full of raw fitness videos. she collaborates with many fitness stars and bodybuilder. you can find their videos on her YouTube channel.

Kristen nun’s workout

Kristen nun is known for full of muscles body and arms muscles. due to her muscle, some people recognize her as transgender. but she is not transgender. she has worked much hard on her body and has one of the best muscles in industry. Kristen uses long workout routine, which helps her to give time to muscles for train well. here are some exercises which are practiced by Kristen in her routine:

  • 1. she uses the biceps curls on her workout routine. this exercise helps for arm muscle and shoulders.
  • 2. she do lateral raises for her workout. this exercise is must for shoulders and chest area. it also helps for building wide chest area.
  • 3. triceps extension is also performed in Kristen nun’s routine. as its name, its helps in building triceps muscles.
  • 4. leg press is also one of the exercises performed by Kristen nun. it helps for her leg muscle building .
  • 5. for initial legs workout, Kristen starts with Squats. its old but pure gold exercise. it puts pressure on leg muscle and builds muscles mass.
  • 6. she loves in lifting weights. she do weight lifting much.
  • 7. Plank for good body posture is must and is not left by Kristen.
  • 8. Kristen follows a strict diet routine. We are going to talk about that further .

Although these exercises are the best but regularity and consistence that makes the routine better. Kristen has one of best body posture and muscles in the field due to her workout routine. it shows her clarity of mind for her path

Things to learn from Kristen nun

Kristen nun is known to be the best in the business. her hard work shows everything about her. how she started and where she is right now, hard work is the way she has walk through .Kristen has the proper body type for female bodybuilders . she works hours and hours for that. she is known to be the lady hulk due to that.

Points and facts for Quick read

  • 1. Kristen nun is a famous bodybuilder and fitness model from U.S. .she was born on 4th may 1985 in Kansas city of U.S.. Her ethnicity is American.
  • 2. she participated in IFBB pro in 2019. she is known for her hulk type of muscle and arm muscles .
  • 3. on her instagram handle @kristen_nun she has more than 542k followers and on her YouTube channel(Kristen nun) has 16k followers.
  • 4. her height is 5.2 feet’s(158 cms) .
  • 5. her workout routine is divided into leg, push, pull routine . she performs long time workouts.
  • 6. she has not been married now and her boyfriend is Robert James martin ,
  • 7. Kristen consumes low carbs and fat. she uses protein rich diet and energy nutrients much .
  • 8. She has black eye and hair color.
  • 9. Her net worth is estimated to $2 million to $2.5 million yearly.

FAQ :-

Who is Kristen Nun

She is famous bodybuilder and fitness model from U.S. she is famous for her muscle full body.

What is Kristen Nun’s age

Her age is 38 years ,as calculated from 4th may,1985 (her birthdate

Is Kristen Nun an IFBB pro?

Yes, she participated in IFBB pro in 2019

How many followers are on her Instagram?

She has more than 542k followers on her Instagram. Other than that she has 16k subscribers on her YouTube channel

What is Kristen nun’s marital status?

She is unmarried but she has a boyfriend. His name is Robert James martin

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