Larry Wheels Bodybuilder Age Biography

Hello Everyone! Today In this Article we’re going to cover the details of those amazing bodybuilders who belong to the Fitness Industry & achieved colossal popularity worldwide. Larry Wheels is the topmost bodybuilder from New York. He’s been in the fitness industry past 6+ years. Here we share his life journey & Lifestyle including Larry Wheels’s age, height, weight, Girlfriend, etc.

Larry Wheels Biography

Larry Wheels is a famous fitness bodybuilder from the USA. He was born on 3 December 1994 in Bronx, New York. Currently, He is 27 years old. Professionally, Larry is a Powerlifter, Strongman, Bodybuilder, Arm wrestler, and Businessman. He has a fantastic physique compared to his competitors. At the age of 20s, he has an eye-appealing muscular physique. If he talks about his personal life, He is raised by a Single Parent (his Mom). He hasn’t shared much information about his personal life. However, there are some rumors that he’s in relation to Chelsea King. To know more read the full article.

Larry Wheels Fitness Journey

Larry Wheels has faced hard times since he was 6. He lost his father and was raised by his mother only. At the age of 14, She started preparing himself for competitions. Unfortunately, Got addicted to drugs and faced issues at the age of 16. At the age of 22, he got wide popularity in the world as a Powerlifter and Bodybuilder. Since then, He has participated in numerous competitions, Listed as follows:

  • 2020 Arnold Pro 1st Position
  • 2019 InsurreXtion 8 Pro Open 1st Position
  • 2018 Kern US Open 1st Position
  • 2017 Insurrextion VI Pro Open 1st Position
  • 2016 Reebok Record Breakers Open 1st Position
  • 2016 Boss of Bosses 3 Pro 2nd Position
  • 2016 Gaglione Strength Strong Island Summer Showdown 1st Position
  • 2015 InsurreXtion IV Pro Juniors 1st Position
  • 2015 Boss of Bosses 2 Open 1st Position
  • 2014 Pennsylvania State Championships Pro Open 1st Position
  • 2014 North American & New Jersey State Championships Pro 1st position
  • 2013 InsurreXtion II Amateur Teen 1st Position

Training and Diet

When it comes to training and diet plans, Larry focuses on building a muscular physique and he trains his body as he’s preparing for competitions every day. He trains 3 days weekly. Larry follows different exercises for workouts that help him to maintain his muscular body. He focuses on doing Deadlifts and Bench press weekly. Further, Trains his legs and shoulders a week.

  • Monday- Hip Circle, Leg Swing, Deadlift, Bent-Over Barbell Row, Bench Press, Floor Press, Cable Push-Down
  • Tuesday- No Training
  • Wednesday- Hip Circle, Leg Swing, Squat, Leg Press
  • Thursday- No Training
  • Friday- Hip Circle, Leg Swing, Squat, Warm-up, Bench Press, Floor Press, Cable Push-Down
  • Saturday- No Training
  • Sunday- No Training

Larry’s Diet routine looks like this:

  • Meal 1- Whole egg omelet, Oatmeal, fruit juice, 30g of honey, a pinch of salt
  • Meal 2- Cookie Crisp cereal, 200ml Full fat milk, ON Whey Protein, Vanilla Ice Cream flavor, 0.5L Ice Cream
  • Meal 3- Grilled chicken burger, order of fried potato wedges
  • Meal 4- small meat lovers pizza, mini apple pie scoops ON Vanilla Ice Cream Whey Protein
  • Meal 5- Lasagna, Greek yogurt with Granola topping, Peach iced tea
  • Meal 6- Peanut butter & jelly sandwich

Larry Wheels Physical Appearance

Fitness not only helps you to maintain your physique but also helps you to enhance your physical beauty. Larry’s height is 6’1″ & Weight= 111kg – 139kg. The color of Larry’s Eyes is Brown and his Hair color is Black.

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Larry Wheels Social Media

Larry is an inspiration for all those people who want to build their muscular physique and become a world sensation. Larry joined Youtube in 2013, When he started posting his videos, People got attracted by his muscular physique and started contacting him for personal training. He shares his fitness tips and vlogs on his Youtube Channel. Apart he has a Clothing brand also.

His hard work helped him to grow and attain huge popularity on Social Media. Further, he has promoted different brands. Further, He has his personal team @teampersonalrecord which helps clients to achieve their fitness goals. Most Importantly, His hard work helped him to grow and attain huge popularity on Social Media. He has 3.6 million followers on Instagram, 250k on Facebook, and 2.46 million subscribers on Youtube.

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